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This is the official website of the award winning podcaster "Ryan Hoppe". He is the host of the "Hoppe Hour" podcast, out of Tampa Bay. 

Hoppe Holidays 2016 was a success!

Hoppe Hour 2016 live from the Toco Works Headquarters in Ybor City was a major success this year. I want to thank John Jacobs, David Weingarten, Zac Townsend, Cam Bertrand, and Will Kuncz for sitting in on this years crazy show. I also want to thank Law Smith of Toco Works for letting me use his studio at his office to record the show.

It was one of those shows that I was very anxious to do, since I'm used to doing radio either by myself, or as the whipping boy on terrestrial radio. So I got out of my comfort zone by having many voices on at once, and I was very focussed on keeping the madness together.

The topics we discussed varied from my bleak sex life, to everything going on in the news, to Cam Bertrand's relationship with his girlfriend, and more! There was not a slow second of the show, and you even get to hear me lose confidence for some reason as the time goes by as we kept shot gunning beers.

Zac Townsend and I will be live on Monday December 19th (8:00 PM Eastern) for the last Hoppe Hour of the year. I will be going to Chicago for a week to see the family up north, so we definitely will go out with a bang. If you want to hear any throwbacks, or topics discussed...email us below!

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