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Shout-out to Howard Stern

I notice that as time goes by, a lot of the things that were really popular start to get overlooked. As huge as they’re when it first comes out, it ends at some point (just like everything in life.) But one thing that should never get overlooked is the impact that The Howard Stern Show has brought to radio.


Shout-out to Howard Stern for hiring Robin Quivers 38 years ago today to join his morning show on DC101. We all should approach radio and growing talent as if we were Howard Stern. I’m not saying copy everything he does (like a lot of radio hosts do,) but Howard did something incredibly smart. He knew that if he put a flawless crew around him, he would excel. The show would excel, and in return everyone does well. That is a SMART business move.

I grew up listening to Howard Stern back in the 2000s on 105.9 WCKG in Chicago. The thing that was so captivating about Robin Quivers is that she at times is the focus on a joke, and she knows how to throw it right back at the crew. I always respected that about her because she is able to focus on the attack, and respond back with an equal comeback.

I hope that over time we don’t forget about the impact Howard Stern and Robin Quivers left on the media. Millennial’s obviously don’t consume a SiriusXM Radio membership as quickly as they do for Spotify. But the podcasts you listen to are because Howard Stern changed talk radio.